Monaco update adds zombies and 'Origin' stories

Pocketwatch Games promised "a ton" of new content to come with this week's Monaco update, but didn't give any indication what it might be. Now that the update has gone live, a new mode and mini-campaign have been revealed.

As detailed on the Facebook page (via PC Gamer), the update includes two major additions. A mode called "Zonaco: Your Flesh is Mine" zombie-fies the original game, complete with bloaters and wretches. A "Monaco Origins" mini-campaign features new missions that tell the backstories of each of the eight thieves. It also includes a new player class, the Blonde, who guards won't attack until they get up close.

This comes amid the Linux launch, and a 60% off sale on Steam. That makes it a mere $5.99, but that deal is expiring in less than 24 hours.