Look at the graphics of this Killzone: Shadow Fall story trailer

Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a "story trailer" for Killzone: Shadow Fall. And sure, you're totally going to be watching it for the story, not for the graphics.

Shadow Fall takes place on Vekta, where Helghast and Vektan have called an uneasy truce. Lo and behold, there are factions within both sides trying to stir up trouble, with the Black Hand trying to start a civil war. Players control a Shadow Marshal, who must deal with the growing unrest before it escalates any further.

That's the story, but you probably aren't going to pay attention to any of that. Instead, you'll carefully dissect this video and debate over whether this PS4 exclusive is more or less pretty than Ryse on Xbox One.

BOOM video 16299

If you want to download this video, go here.