Stick It To The Man sticking it to PS3 in November

Stick It To The Man will waggle its brainarm on November 19, publisher Ripstone announced today, when it debuts on PlayStation 3. Boasting dialogue written by Dinosaur Comics chap Ryan North, it's a weird adventure game starring a dude who unexpectedly finds himself able to change his paper world by swapping stickers using a bright pink arm growing out his noggin.

But oh no, Ray is on the run from The Man, framed for a crime he didn't commit. Do I smell conspiracy, or is my brainarm pressing on my limbic system again?

Stick It To The Man will cost $12.99, but that price is cut by 20% for pre-ordering, which will presumably go live on the PlayStation Store later today. A Vita version is following in mid-December, and it'll be Cross-Buy so you only need buy one.

Here's the announcement trailer, if you missed the game's reveal during all that E3 hubbub.