SCALE is a first-person puzzler that has you re-sizing the world

Like Portal, SCALE is a fascinating first-person puzzler that replaces a traditional gun with an inventive new gameplay mechanic. In CubeHeart's game, you have the ability to resize objects in the world: making bigger or smaller as you see fit. It's easy to imagine the puzzling opportunities enabled by the scaling mechanic.

As is typical for many indie games nowadays, CubeHeart is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. The team is trying to raise $87,000, which should be enough to cover development expenses, and pay developers.

The game is being built on Unity, which means it can eventually arrive on nearly every platform imaginable. However, SCALE is currently targeting PC, Mac, and Linux. "Targeting Linux means we’ll be on SteamOS/Steam Machines as well. We are also considering next-gen consoles, and are in talks with a few different publishers about the viability of bringing SCALE to a those platforms, but a getting the game out on personal computers is our first priority," the project notes.

Here's the pitch video, which does a great job of showing off how the game will play:

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