How Tearaway will take you back to Kindergarten

Like LittleBigPlanet made it cool to play with dolls, Tearaway is an adorable romp through papercraft. And like arts and crafts time in kindergarten, Media Molecule is making sure you can break out the (virtual) scissors and customize your own papery characters as you like them.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog details the character customization options. You can draw a shape to cut out of construction paper with a pencil tool, and then cut it using the front touch feature. You'll be able to layer multiple sheets on top of each other to make complex papercraft decorations, and then stick those decorations on the world or your own papercraft messenger. You can even peel off pieces of your character's face to replace them with ones you like better.

So far, Media Molecule hasn't announced any way to let you pour glue on your hands and then peel it off once it gets dry to gross out the girl you have a crush on, but we wouldn't be surprised.