XCOM: Enemy Within adds 'save scum' option for players that exploit quicksave

Save. Shoot. Die. Reload save. Take cover. Save.

While many players love the brutal nature of Iron Man mode in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, many other players chose to exploit the game's quicksave options. By saving in between every action, players could always revert to an earlier save if a tactical decision ever goes awry. And in XCOM's case, that is probably very often.

However, in Enemy Within, the dice rolls have already been set when you save the game. So, if you miss a 50% shot to hit an enemy, you'll always miss that shot, no matter how often you reload the game. That feature is going to change in Enemy Within with the "save scum" option.

"It's called Save Scum," lead game designer Anand Gupta told PCGamesN (via RPS) "It resets the random number seed whenever the game is loaded. For people who really want to keep shooting until that 80% shot hits."

So, feel free to abuse the save system in Enemy Within. Just be mindful that Firaxis won't think very highly of you. There is a reason why it's called scum, after all.

Enemy Within will be available on November 12th.