Xbox One racing wheel features detailed in new video

By Steve Watts, Oct 16, 2013 11:00am PDT

Xbox One owners-to-be will likely want to pick up a wheel to go alongside Forza Motorsport 5. Because Xbox One doesn't support current-gen accessories, you'll have to invest in a new generation of racing wheels. Of course, these new wheels feature improved fidelity to go along with those pretty graphics. A new video features accessories director of strategic alliance Brandon Powell explaining what sets the Xbox One wheels apart.

The updated wheels offer force feedback and modularity that will let developers customize the controller and even add components. And as with standard controllers, Kinect will also recognize who is using the wheel and update settings accordingly.

Kinect functionality is particularly notable, as Microsoft cited it as one chief reason that the Xbox One won't be backwards compatible with older racing wheels. While Xbox One is not compatible with 360 steering wheels, PS4 will be compatible with PS3 wheels.

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