Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan ported to PS4

Sony started building PlayStation's reputation as the go-to system for indie games with the likes of Flower and flOw, and it looks like PS4 will run away with oodles of indie exclusives, both actual exclusives and timed ones. It's not forgetting these old gems, though, today announcing that both those classics are coming to PS4, along with Escape Plan and Sound Shapes.

The PS4 version of drift 'em up Flower will run at 60fps in 1080p, Sony noted in today's announcement. Both it and the previously-announced Vita version will launch alongside the new console on November 15. Sound Shapes will launch then too.

Flow is not only headed to PS4, but Vita too, Sony announced. Both versions will be released on November 29. That's also when we'll see puzzler Escape Plan arrive on PS4.

Sony's Santa Monica Studio had a hand in the development of all these games, and has been working away on the ports.

Sony also confirmed that these will all be Cross-Buy games, so if you buy or have already bought them on one platform, you'll get them for every other system too.