Humble Bundle features Ticket to Ride, Worms Reloaded

Humble is going cross-platform again for its latest 'Humble Bundle with Android' sale. Players will be able to pay what they want for four games, all of which are available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, while paying more than the average to toss in Worms Reloaded (along with the mobile version of Worms 2: Armageddon) and 2004 action-RPG The Bard's Tale.

This latest bundle includes board game adaptation Ticket to Ride (with its 'USA 1910' DLC), real-time strategy game Greed Corp, indie puzzler Incredipede, and the 2D puzzle-adventure Anodyne. More games will be added later for people who beat the average.

All are cross-platform DRM-free across PC, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms, and paying at least one dollar will get you Steam keys too. Select games will also come with their soundtracks.