SimCity: Cities of the Future video introduces robots

SimCity is boldly venturing into the future with its upcoming Cities of the Future expansion. And while the future won't include bigger cities, it will include ways to help your current cities run a bit cleaner and smoother.

A new developer walkthrough shows off new technologies based on real-world breakthroughs, like clean fusion power plants, magnetic trains, and even robotic drones. They'll run on a centralized hub, referred to as The Academy, that won't require workers and can be operated remotely. These high-tech structures operate using an advanced substance called Omega, which can also be sold for a large profit.

You can watch the full walkthrough below and marvel at the many uses for robotic drones, which certainly won't lead to massive Sim job loss or a robotic Sim uprising. Cities of the Future is expected to arrive on November 12.

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