Zelda and Luigi themed 3DS XLs announced for Europe

Autumn is here, and that means Nintendo is taking a cue from mother nature again and changing its own colors. The company has announced two new 3DS XL special editions in Europe, one of which ties in with the upcoming Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Both are scheduled to hit in November, but North American plans haven't been announced. The Zelda-themed 3DS sports a two-tone gold and black color scheme, with the dual Triforce logo on each side. It will also include a download code for A Link Between Worlds, and is scheduled to hit Europe on November 22--the same day as the game launches. A Luigi-themed special edition is coming sooner, on November 1, but doesn't include a game download. This announcement only covers Europe for now, but it seems likely that North America will get at least one of them. Nintendo tends to release special edition bundles of their handhelds around Black Friday in the states, and the November 22 release date would put the Zelda bundle in a prime location at that spot. In fact, almost this exact scenario happened two years ago, when Nintendo announced a Zelda-themed 3DS for Europe far in advance, and then later sprung it on us just before it was set to hit stores. Shacknews has contacted Nintendo and will update as more information becomes available.

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