Pokemon X and Y sell 4 million in 2 days

We're certainly keen on Pokémon X and Y, and apparently aren't the only ones. Nintendo today announced the pair sold four million copies between them over the weekend following Saturday's launch. If you smooshed them together, it'd be the fastest-selling 3DS game yet.

"Since this was the first global launch in franchise history, there isn't an exact historical precedent for comparison," Nintendo said in today's press release. "However, when combining and comparing regional data for previous launches, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y would be the fastest-selling Nintendo 3DS games of all time and are tracking ahead of the last Pokémon RPG titles, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, by more than 70 percent."

The Pokémon games and their various spin-offs have sold over 245 million copies, Nintendo claims. The best-selling core pair so far are 2007's Pearl and Diamond, which have shifted 17.63 million copies between them.

If you're paralysed by indecision, unable to pick X or Y, here, our guide might help.