Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser and more Japanese indies coming via Nyu

When the news is slow, little is more exciting to me than an announcement for a game named Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser and described as a "70s throwback Japanese TV giant robot anime 2D shooter." And that's only one of the new Japanese 'doujin' indie games publisher Nyu Media has announced it's bringing westward to PC.

Nyu's newly-revealed winter and spring lineup includes three games from Satazius creator Astro Port. Along with Vulkaiser, it's bringing over mechtastic run-and-gunner Gigantic Army and shmup Armed Seven. Vulkaiser and Armed Seven were brought westward a few years back by CuriousFactory, but are seemingly no longer available.

It's also releasing, as previously detailed, crowdfunded fighter Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, made by a team of former King of Fighters devs, and a fancied-up version of Croixleur now it's got the Steam Greenlight.

Here's a peek at Gigantic Army: