The Amazing Spider-Man coming to Vita

Better late than never? The Amazing Spider-Man game from Beenox released on nearly every platform imaginable when the corresponding film came out in 2012--except for Vita. Activision is making up for that omission next month.

On November 19, The Amazing Spider-Man will be available on Vita. It'll be $39.99. The handheld version is based on the console original, maintaining the "same spirit" while adding Vita-specific features.

You'll be able to use the touch screen to quickly use Web Rush. "Stringing up an unsuspecting thug with a Web Strike or somersaulting clear of an incoming attack feels even more natural now thanks to the responsive, touchscreen controls Vita brings to Web Rush, allowing for quick and precise decisions with the tap of a finger," executive producer Bill Chinn said on the PlayStation Blog.

The Vita touch screen can also be used on the game's map, letting you pinch and zoom, set waypoints, and more--"like you would with a real smartphone's map app," Chinn points out. The gryoscope is used when you take photos, letting you aim "like an actual camera, zooming in and out with a simple touch."

In addition to a Vita port of the original game, Activision announced a sequel. You can read more about that here.