Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo coming next week

TT Games' Lego series have always provided reliable family fun. With Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the team bringing super-powered open world hijinks to the franchise.

The full game will be available on current-gen consoles on October. PS3 and Xbox One versions will follow on November 15 and 22nd, respectively. However, if you want an early look at the game, you'll be able to download a demo next week.

At New York Comic Con, TT Games announced a demo will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on October 15. A PC demo will also be available for download on the game's official website.

If the game tickles your fancy, don't forget that there's pre-order DLC. In addition, TT Games announced that there will be day-one DLC to buy. The "Asgard Character Pack" will add Malekith, Kurse, Sif, Volstagg, Odin, Hogun, Fandral, and Jane Foster into the roster.

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