Marvel Run Jump Smash! announced, coming to mobile this year

In spite of billion dollar ticket sales, The Avengers never got a proper video game adaptation. That is, until now. In Marvel Run Jump Smash!, players will chase Loki through the streets of New York--just like in the movie!

Disney Interactive senior producer Phil Hong is careful not to use the term "endless runner," instead calling the game a "super-powered action runner." Unlike other games in the genre, you'll be able to switch between the different Avengers, each equipped with their own powers.

Run Jump Smash! debuted on the Korean mobile charts as the number one most popular game. Hong says that the appeal is "an art style that's really unique... we think it's something special."

It'll be available in America later this year, with an added bonus: the game will be updated to include Thor. The app will be available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.