Space Rangers HD lands on PC next week

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart is not, as you might reasonably assume, a remake of the original Space Rangers. Instead it's an expanded remake of the second Space Rangers game, with so much new stuff it's said to be "roughly doubling the game content." And it'll launch for PC on October 17, publisher 1C announced today.

A War Apart includes all of the base game plus its expansion pack, along with a new story branch, upgrades, equipment, battles, missions, music, and text adventures. And it revamps the graphics and UI and all that. Hit the official website for more information.

And yes, I did say text adventures. Space Rangers is a curious little series, a sandbox smooshing-together of space sim, RTS, grand strategy, trading, RPG, and text adventure. The first game launched in 2002, followed by a sequel in 2004, and now a remake.