Battlefield 4 beta 'Obliteration' mode deployed

The Battlefield 4 beta has rolled out the "Obliteration" game mode on all three platforms. It joins Conquest and Domination as three game types you can sample in the beta (at least so far), out of seven that will be available on the full game.

The new Obliteration mode spawns a bomb in a random location on a mid-sized map, and both teams scramble to detonate it on enemy ground. Then another bomb spawns, and this continues until one team has wiped out each of the other team's three "objective" points. It's designed for 24 players on PS3 and 360, or 32 on PC. The tweet that announced the Obliteration mode also noted that server stability will be increasing gradually.

Some players on the Facebook page have reported having trouble finding Obliteration, prompting DICE to explain that you need to use the server browser instead of the quick match function. Among those who have tried it, complaints range from match times to spawn points. It has garnered some good will, though, with some calling it "amazing" and one user praising it for being a "nice change of pace" from the other match types.