Proteus coming to PS3 and Vita this month with new world-generation features

The procedurally-generated walking simulator Proteus is coming to the PS3 and Vita this month, but the ports from Curve Studios aren't going to be simple transpositions of the PC version. Instead, they'll be getting a few new bells and whistles, particularly in how your island is generated.

Rather than purely randomized worlds, the Vita version will also let you generate an island based on your current geographical location. On both PS3 and Vita, the island generation can take the current date into account as well. That means that if you create a world in the same place and on the same day as someone else, your islands will be the same.

Creator Ed Key said on the PlayStation Blog that this creates distinct worlds, like a purple sea and green sky for the world created near his house. The Vita will also use the back touch screen, letting you change the world and remix the colors.