Destiny of Spirits Vita closed beta begins October 24

Destiny of Spirits, the free-to-play social RPG coming to Vita, is getting set to launch its beta test. Sony announced today that the closed beta will run October 24-31, and it will be inviting only a limited number of players.

Producer Kumi Yuasa announced the beta plans on the PlayStation.Blog, but didn't give details on how exactly one gets into the beta. The blog also shared more details on the mechanics of how it will all work, including the various currencies--a must for any F2P game.

You'll get Spirit Points to merge and rent spirits, Summoning Stones to add new spirits to your collection, and rare Destiny Orbs for advanced summons and special abilities like controlling time. Merging spirits levels up your existing collection, letting you trash less desired spirits and still get some benefit out of it. Renting is temporary, obviously, but if you borrow a friend's spirit you get the advantage of their specialized support skill as well. It being free-to-play, these various currencies will probably be doled out sparingly in the game, and purchasable in bulk.