F2P MMORPG Allods Online launches microtransaction-free subscription server

Whenever a new subscription-based MMORPG launches, one can't help but wonder when it'll go free-to-play, ditching subs and whacking in microtransactions. It's quite curious to see the reverse, but Allods Online is trying just that. The F2P MMORPG has launched an optional subscription service which lets players onto new servers free from microtransaction items and services, like it's 2005 all over again.

Allods launched in 2010, and evidently has proved popular enough to dabble in a business model others have fled from. While most F2P MMOs--and subscription MMOs gone F2P--offer optional subs, they're still crammed full of microtransactions and restrictions to tempt you into spending just a little more. With Allods' approach, they'll never even see such gubbins.

"Joining the subscription based server will change the way how players can progress in the game, with the new payment method there is no need to worry about Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs or Strongbox bonuses as these among few other items and features will be removed from the game," operator Webzen said in today's announcement.

The official site explains things like mounts and bag space are all now earned in-game, horses no longer need feeding, and characters get a 30% XP boost, presumably because they can no longer buy boosters. Access costs $13 per month.