Soma live-action trailer teases another unusual artifact

Amnesia: The Dark Descent creator Frictional Games isn't quite ready to talk about its new game Soma, but has released another live-action trailer to tease a little more unsettling sci-fi.

Following on from a weird computer which forsees your death, this time it's exploring a smashed-up robot which seems to believe it's a human--a duplicate of a man who's quite alive and well. It's all looking increasingly SCP Foundation-y.

"The UH3 - Mockingbird has gone silent and been disassembled. The official report confirms it only mimicked human behavior, so please stop spreading dangerous rumors," today's press release notes. The device's entry on the official site has some unpleasant details about its discovery.

As for minor details like what the game is, when it'll launch, and on which platforms, that's all still a mystery. It's looking likely it'll be on some manner of PlayStation at least, though.