PlayStation Plus 'buyouts' for devs confirmed by Sony

For gamers, PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection has been a tremendous deal, offering numerous "free" games as part of a subscription. But why do developers offer their games for free? Well, because some of them are getting paid for it, of course.

It was generally assumed that money would exchange hands for PlayStation Plus titles. However, this is one of the first times Sony has explicitly made clear that they will give money to select devs that give their games away for free on the service. PlayStation manager of developer relations Brian Silva told developers at IndieCade that they will offer "buyouts" to give away games on Plus for a month.

While numbers weren't disclosed, it's a proposal that makes sense for some developers. Futurlab, developer of the upcoming Velocity 2X, told GI.biz that putting their game on PlayStation Plus was "less about money and more about exposure, especially with a sequel coming."

And PlayStation Plus will certainly offer much more exposure going forward. Silva points out that the Plus requirement for online multiplayer on PS4 will increase membership and Plus' reach.