Design spaceships then destroy them in Defect SDK

Designing your own spaceships is, of course, supremely cool. Flying that spaceship around, blowing up other spaceships, is even better. And if your crew then defect, seizing your creation for themselves, and you need to build a new ship even better than that old one, oh my, that's best of all. And that's Defect SDK, announced for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Defect SDK (that's Spaceship Destruction Kit, acronym addicts) has hundreds of spaceship parts to piece together on a grid to make everything from single-pilot fighters to "a ship the size of a small moon," the official site explains (via Blue's News).

You fly around in action-y combat, blasting up enemy ships, and then... once the mission's over, your crew hijacks the ship, and next you'll need to beat that. So while you want to make your spaceship super cool, you may need to leave a weakness you can later exploit.

Developer Three Phase Interactive plans to release it in paid alpha on PC and Mac, then later bring it to Android tablets and iPad. Here, check out the announcement trailer: