Microsoft brings Hover from Win 95 to HTML 5

My glee at discovering a free game on the Windows 95 CD quickly turned to disappointment when my video game critical faculties kicked in and I realised Hover was rubbish. 18 years later, I have this job, and Microsoft has revamped Hover as an HTML 5 game to show off its support for the standard. It is not that great.

Hover, if you missed it, is a competitive find-the-flag game with hovercars. You zip around levels, trying to collect the other car's three flags before they get years, grabbing powerups and spending far too long bouncing aimlessly from wall to wall. As well as AI, it has multiplayer.

You can play online in your browser if you have a newish version of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, without downloading any plugins or anything.

It's far less fancy than Epic's Unreal Engine HTML 5 demo, mind.

"Think of the last time someone came up to you with an iPad or an Android device saying, 'Hey guys, you have to look at this site.' Most likely they're showing you an app instead. This is despite the fact that most of the time spent on PCs and tablets these days is spent in a browser window," IE head of product marketing Roger Capriotti told Ars Technica. "Hover is a great way to show to the consumer that you can have this great performance in a website that you'd usually think of as an app."