Audiosurf 2 out on Steam Early Access

Oh, how boring music was, from the dawn of mankind, all through known history, right up until 2008, when Audiosurf turned it into a game. If you missed it, it converts your music tracks into courses to race along in a high-speed block-matching puzzler. And now music's now even better, as creator Dylan Fitterer today released the sequel via Steam Early Access.

Audiosurf 2 introduces new modes, including a Wakeboard mode which also lets you fling yourself into the high parts of a track and perform tricks, and the two-button Audiosprint party mode.

It's $14.99, so hop to it. Fitterer notes that several major features still need to be finished or even made, including scoreboards, the music browser, Mac and Linux versions, more modes and skins, and Oculus Rift support. That's why it's early access, see. Here, trailer: