Mega Charizard comes in two flavors in Pokemon X & Y

What's that in the sky? It's not a brand new Pokemon. No, that black-and-blue beast you see in the screenshot above is actually Mega Charizard X, one possible mega-evolution for the fan-favorite Pokemon.

Like Mewtwo, Charizard can mega-evolve into two different forms, depending on which version of the new generation of Pokemon you pick up. Mega Charizard X can be unlocked by obtaining Charizardite X in Pokemon X. Notably, transforming into Mega Charizard X makes the creature change type, from a Fire-Flying type to a Fire-Dragon type.

Mega Charizard Y, on the other hand, can only be obtained by getting Charizardite Y from Pokemon Y. This variant gains a significant boost to Special Attack and its Ability changes to Drought, which increases the power of all Fire-type moves. Mega Charizard can also learn the Fire-type move Blast Burn, making it ideal for players that want seriously powerful offensive attacks.