Trevor represents 'pure escapism,' says GTA5 voice actor

Trevor has been a very controversial figure in Grand Theft Auto 5, mostly for his crazy, unhinged demeanor that he carries with him over the course of the entire game. But if you ask the man that helped bring the character to life, voice actor Steven Ogg, Trevor largely represents the escapist nature of gaming itself.

"It’s certainly fun because you just get to be nuts," Ogg told GQ. "The thing about Trevor, this character that I so love to play, is that he kind of represents the gaming world and this idea of pure escapism. He gets to be that guy who gets to say whatever he wants, to do whatever he wants, to f*** whatever he wants. Everyone has that fantasy, right? Trevor just does it. It's very liberating. So, to play that, you basically have an impulse, you feel it, and you try it. There's someone there to help you with when to pull back or let you know what doesn't work, but it's very freeing."

While some recoil at Trevor's more extreme actions in the game, there's also a section of players that recognize him as an absurd caricature. Ogg is among those, adding that Trevor isn't meant to be taken seriously.

"I also love that people are recognizing his sense of humor," Ogg added. "That was Trevor for me. Walk that line. Bring in the f***ing intensity. Bring in the violence. But also, through that, find a sense of humor and allow people to laugh at it. When you do that, it sends that message that you’re not taking yourself too seriously."

With all that said, Ogg recognizes that GTA 5 isn't for younger players, noting that he doesn't let his own son play the game. "We've got copies of it and he wants to play it, but he's just too young."