Batman: Arkham Origins lets you explore the Batcave to learn combat

"It's something we're trying to do in this game more is to offer more people the chance to get that black belt, to get some of that mastery sense as they're playing through the campaign," creative director Eric Holmes said of Batman: Arkham Origins many moons ago. Although the Arkham games have mainstream appeal, it's true that many don't understand the nuance of the franchise's FreeFlow combat. So, how is Origins going to train players? By offering the Batcave, of course.

In Origins, Batman can call the Batwing at nearly any point to fast-travel to various points on the map. A key point of interest is the Batcave. Upon entering, you'll be able to look in the environment to see new story beats, and you'll even be able to chat up Alfred, who provides you sage wisdom throughout your journey.

You'll want to swing by the Batcave throughout your adventure, as you'll be able to pick up new gadgets for use in the field. However, one of the biggest draws will be the training room. In addition to the now-standard challenge maps, Origins adds optional training rooms that go into depth about Batman's arsenal.

"Most players didn't even know about the Multi Ground Takedown," Holmes pointed out to us. This move will have Batman throw multiple Batarangs at all stunned enemies on the ground--a good tool for thinning out large groups of enemies. However, previous Arkham games didn't do a particularly good job at pointing out these kinds of moves.

In Origins, challenges will specifically point out moves that must be completed. In addition, every addition to Batman's arsenal will unlock additional challenges that show off Batman's newly-expanded move list. These tutorials are optional, but they do give XP--giving incentive to players to move away from button-mashing and getting top-tier combos.