Defense Technica goes nuclear on October 24

That sure is a nice nuclear core sitting at the center of your tower. It would be a shame if biomechanical beasts were to get their paws on it. Good thing you have a dizzying array of heavily-armed robotic towers in Defense Technica, a new tower defense game from Devolver Digital and Kuno Interactive.

Defense Technica will offer 8 different tower classes, which can all be upgraded to create over 40 tower variations, all boasting machine guns, missiles, mortars, and other painful means of defense. The game will also feature dynamic battlefields, in which weather patterns and terrain will actively change over the course of battle.

The dynamic nature of the battlefield lends an interesting premise to Defense Technica. Check out the trailer below to see some of it in action. The game is set to launch on PC and Mac on October 24.

BOOM video 16202