Dead Rising 3's procedural generation promises: 'you'll never see the same zombie twice'

Dead Rising 3 has always been about killing the undead and looking good. Whether wearing a Mega Man costume or a tutu, the heroes of Capcom's zombie apocalypse have always looked unique. Finally, the same can be said about the hordes of flesh-eating corpses.

Capcom producer Mike Jones explained that "you'll never see the same zombie twice" due to the game's procedural generation technique. "It's all procedurally generated: hair styles, clothing, colors, textures. And the gore is too: missing jaws, missing eyes... it's all totally dynamic. That's a whole system that we built. We didn't just model the zombies, we had to model the pieces and the system puts them together."

On the other hand, Capcom had to spend more effort on hand-crafting the world. "We're not using the same textures over and over again, nor are we using the same geometry over and again. Every building and every interior in Dead Rising 3 is hand made and hand crafted. You'll never see the same building twice," Jones told CVG.

Jones admits that this method "absolutely costs more money and more time," but says it's worth it when "you'll run through the world and know where stuff is without looking at the map." Making a "unique experience" is ultimately the goal.

Dead Rising 3 will be available at Xbox One's launch.