Former Namco developer reveals the Snake Plissken game that never was

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT

Fun fact: Metal Gear Solid frontman Soild Snake was originally based on Kurt Russell's character from John Carpenter's Escape franchise. Long-time MGS fans were eager to point this out during our discussion of the upcoming Phantom Pain. But as it turns out, according to a former Namco developer, Snake Plissken was originally set to star in a video game of his own.

The video below (via Kotaku) shows off an early trailer put out by Namco for a game called Snake Plissken's Escape, featuring Kurt Russell as the title character and a script approved by franchise architects, Russell, Carpenter, and the late Debra Hill. The game offered players a choice between stealth play and full-on action, taking place in an expansive open world.

Sadly, though it promised a 2005 AD release date, Snake Plissken's Escape never saw the light of day. But take solace in knowing that Plissken's spirit lives on through another Snake.

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