GOG adds free Bullfrog expansions

It was delightful enough that GOG managed to drag some of the beloved Bullfrog's classic games out of mothballs and make them available again, but now it's dug up expansion packs too. And GOG being the happy friendly folks that they are, they've added them for free. The good news, in short: Dungeon Keeper and Syndicate are now even better.

GOG has added Syndicate's American Revolt expansion, Dungeon Keeper's Deeper Dungeons, Hidden Worlds for Magic Carpet, Populous's Promised Lands, and Populous: The Beginning's Undiscovered Worlds, the company explains in its announcement.

They're free for everyone who has already bought any of the games, and won't bump the prices up for people buying in the future. You just get expansions. For free. Which is great. Each of these fine games only costs $5.99 in the first place, you know. Lovely GOG.