X Rebirth trailer details trading and mining

X Rebirth wowed us last month with a trailer on the space sim's scale and depth, and now is impressing with intricate detail. A new trailer devotes ten minutes to how trading and mining work in a galaxy where NPC ships tie into the economy and you can control your own fleet and facilities.

"Prices and the economy can and will be influenced by pirates, warring factions disrupting supply routes, broken station power units, shot-down freighters, good relations with merchants, and the list goes on," developer Egosoft explains in the announcement.

With so much going on, it's tried to make trading and inventory easy to manage. Basically, you get to sit in a space-chair on the bridge, looking at some very fancy space-spreadsheets on a terminal. And rather than collect and deliver goods to docks yourself, you can send drones out.

Mining's similarly simple, letting you tag asteroids for your fleet of mining ships (you have bought a fleet of mining ships, haven't you?) to smash and harvest. If you get involved yourself, though, you can cherry-pick which chunks of rock to pick up, maximising yields.

It's all looking delightfully like a single-player EVE Online. X Rebirth comes to PC on November 19.