Assassin's Creed 4's companion app detailed

As we previously reported, Assassin's Creed 4 will launch with a companion app for touch devices. And this is what it looks like. By Ubisoft's admission, it's "straightforward," with its main purpose being an interactive map. While it may not offer the neat cross-platform multiplayer of Watch Dogs, it's still a rather useful tool, especially as you can set waypoints via tablet that appear in the game in real-time. "There are a lot of these small comfort tools where instead of having to go into a menu you can just have it next to you and do stuff really easily," game director Ashraf Ismail said. "Or you can have someone else do it for you. It's kind of like your first mate next to you." While the AC4 companion app may largely serve as an interactive map, it also gives persistent access to the fleet metagame. You can access your fleet and send it out on missions, similar to training missions from previous games. With the companion app, you'll actually be able to access these missions on-the-go. "It's not just a second screen. You can be on the bus and jump into the minigame, which can gain you more resources and loot if you jump into the action. Because you're putting more into it, we reward you more," Ismail explained. You'll see how your ships are progressing, and there will even be opportunities to play a combat minigame, which will increase the potential for earnings.

The companion app is quite straightforward

On a semi-unrelated note, here's a new trailer for AC4. Just in case you haven't had enough of them yet: