Stardock unveils Mobile division and first games

Stardock has made its name as a hardcore PC developer and publisher, and now is branching out into things what go in your pocket. The Stardock Mobile division has sprung into the world, revealing a starting lineup of three games--the first of which arrives in October. True to its roots, it's planning to put at least a little strategy at the heart of every one. The first game from Stardock Mobile is Dead Man's Draw, a smooshing-together of puzzle, strategy, card game, and pirates. The next two games, due in "early 2014," are under wraps aside from a little art. Hero Busters looks like a jumpy little thing, while Star Trails has spaceships. Stardock Mobile is overseen by Derek 'Kael' Paxton, the former modder who was recently promoted to head of Stardock Entertainment, and senior producer Chris Bray. "Stardock is known for great strategy games. The mobile games - though they will vary in genre – will always have an element of strategy in the gameplay," Bray said in the announcement. "Thought-provoking, fun game experiences are what ignite our creativity at Stardock, and we look forward to continuing that same tradition with our mobile offerings."

Bustin' those heroes