Stardock lawsuits settled after employee apologizes

The sexual harrassment lawsuit against Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has been settled. The former employee that originally brought the suit forward, Alexandra Miseta, has written a formal letter of apology to the studio, as part of the settlement.

Miseta claimed sexual harrassment in 2012, citing e-mail exchanges the requested Wardell "never touch my hair or any of my body parts, not even jokingly" and to "be careful with your 'jokes' which are at many times inappropriate, sexist, vulgar, and very embarrassing." Wardell had responded by replying, "I am an inappropriate, sexist, vulgar, and embarrassing person and I'm not inclined to change my behavior. If this is a problem, you will need to find another job."

Stardock responded by filing suit against Miseta, alleging that she "deleted, destroyed, and/or stole" marketing and analytics information regarding the failed Elemental: War of Magic. The suit was filed less than three weeks after a motion to dismiss the sexual harassment allegations was denied.

Wardell expressed relief to Kotaku and expressed a desire to move forward without monetary compensation. "Essentially, we agreed to dismiss each other's cases--to drop our cases--in exchange for her apologizing to us," Wardell said. "Once we've received that, we feel vindicated." Kotaku has posted a copy of the apology letter from Miseta.