Killzone: Shadow Fall's season pass focuses on co-op

All multiplayer maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free. But that doesn't mean Guerrilla Games won't be making DLC for the upcoming PS4-exclusive shooter. As is typical for a AAA game, Shadow Fall will still offer a Season Pass--albeit one that focuses on modes, not maps.

For $20, the Season Pass will offer an online co-op expansion pack. This Horde-esque game mode will have four players take on increasingly challenging waves of enemies. The Season Pass will also add three map packs specifically for co-op.

The Season Pass will also offer two additional multiplayer expansion packs. "Suffice to say, they'll offer many hours of additional mutliplayer thrills," the PlayStation.Blog teases, without offering more. Because map packs will be free for everyone, these expansions will likely introduce new ways of playing on the same maps.