Batman: Arkham Origins PS3-exclusive outfits and maps shown in new trailer

At E3, Sony announced an exclusive Knightfall pack for Batman: Arkham Origins, named after the 90s storyline in which Batman was paralyzed and forced to give up the cowl. A new trailer now shows off the costumes in action, along with the maps and mission types included in the pack.

The PlayStation.Blog revealed that the exclusive DLC pack will include three combat maps, and two predator maps, and a challenge campaign. The enemies will revolve around Bane and Blackgate prisoners, along with Venom-enhanced enemies. The outfits, as previously announced, are Batman's high-tech "Knightfall" outfit and the notably low-tech "Classic TV Series" outfit.

The maps are named No Rest For The Wicked, Turning Point, Venom Connection, City on Fire, and Azrael Does Not Protect. That last one is named after an issue in which a foreboding bit of advice is given to Bruce Wayne when he was looking for someone to pick up the cape in his absence. His successor got perilously close to breaking the "don't kill" policy, leading Wayne to recover from a debilitating spine injury through sheer force of will. And magic, because comic books.