Company of Heroes 2 getting free maps today

Company of Heroes 2 is getting two free multiplayer maps today, titled Rostov and Khakov. Rostov is a six-player map based on the World War 2 battle that took place there, and Khakov is a four-player map set in the Ukrainian city that fielded many battles of its own.

The Company of Heroes Facebook dropped word of the impending update. A new trailer shows off the Rastov map, which looks about how you'd expect from a snowy Russian landscape.

Earlier this month, a Producer's Letter (via PC Gamer) detailed the first Theater of War mode update, which is also dropping today. It will add a mini-pack that tells 1942 from the German perspective. Collector's Edition, Digital CEs, and pre-order customers will get it for free, but naturally standard edition holders will have to pay for the DLC.

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