Pokemon X and Y fossils revealed

Prehistoric Pokemon have been a staple of the series since its inception and Pokemon X and Y will be no exception. Nintendo has released details on the latest fossilized fighters, the long-necked Amaura and the carnivorous Tyrunt.

Tyrunt is described on the official Pokemon website as an ill-tempered Rock/Dragon-type, which can be obtained by collecting the Jaw Fossil over the course of the game's adventure. Tyrunt will have the Strong Jaw ability and can evolve into the T-Rex-like Tyrantrum.

Amaura is a Rock/Ice-type, notable for the brand new Refrigerate ability. This turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves, which may come in handy when facing those pesky Dragon-types. Amaura can be acquired with the Sail Fossil and will evolve into the frigid Aurorus.

As ever, you'll only be able to choose one of these fossils on each playthrough.

Pokemon X and Y is set to release worldwide on October 12.