Final Fantasy 14 version 2.1's PvP, housing options detailed

Now that the server stability issues have settled down, Square Enix is preparing to start rolling out its promised regular updates for Final Fantasy XIV. The company shared some more info about version 2.1 recently, which is set to add personal housing, PvP, and new dungeons.

Siliconera detailed the presentation from the Tokyo Game Show. Version 2.1 will add more customization, with elements like player housing consisting of about 380 decorative parts. The official site also mentions that it will include both free Company parts at launch, and personal parts coming later.

You'll also be able to change your hairstyle at a beauty parlor, because as we know, hair is a very important part of Final Fantasy's history.

The PvP arena feature, called the Wolves' Den, will put two four-player teams against each other. It will include three PvP types: levels 30, 40, and 50. It will also include PvP-exclusive actions. This seems relegated to a gated-off area, which aligns with director Naoki Yoshida's previous comments about avoiding the kind of PvP that lets players kill each other anywhere.

Several new dungeons will be available, including the 24-player Crystal Tower. For those seeking a challenge, it will include daily "primal" quests against special enemies, and a special boss that was cut from the original release for being too hard. So by stating this, Square Enix is clearly just baiting you to go get yourself murdered by some awful hell-beast.

Other additions include a treasure hunting feature, which has yet to be detailed, and a content finder for easier match-ups. If you get paired with a player who needs a helping hand, you can earn tokens towards buying stronger equipment.