Citizens of Earth is a turn-based RPG from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon devs

Eden Industries, comprised of four members that made Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, are working on a new turn-based RPG called "Citizens of Earth." Inspired by Earthbound and Suikoden, Citizens of Earth has players in charge of the Vice President of the World, recruiting everyday folks to help him win political clout.

That last point is the big "twist" of the game. Characters like the village baker and your mom aren't relegated to NPC status. Instead, they can be actively recruited to join your party and fight your battles. Perhaps most intriguing, when they level up with you, they become better at their jobs, meaning you can help the entire community by getting everyone to tag along for the adventure.

It's clear that Earthbound is the biggest inspiration for the game, from its zany writing to its colorful cartoon graphics. However, even the combat takes a page from Nintendo's cult RPG series. At the start of every turn, you pick an action for each citizen. Battle commences once all your actions have been selected.

The playable preview that we saw was incredibly polished. However, Eden is taking to Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the game. Although most of the team has been working on the game in their spare time, additional funds will help the team contract out the additional art requirements the game demands.

The game is aiming for release on PC, but there are stretch goals for consoles--Wii U and 3DS first, given the studio's close relationship and familiarity with Nintendo. The team is currently looking for $100K (Canadian). Check out their pitch below, and then download the demo for yourself!:

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