State of Decay ambles onto Steam Early Access

State of Decay, in its current state, isn't ready for a full PC release. Developer Undead Labs is still working on that and are looking for player feedback to help them along. After teasing this route a few months ago, the studio has released its undead survival game through Steam Early Access.

The PC version of State of Decay, in its current state, is identical to the original Xbox 360 version. That means no mouse and keyboard support, as of yet. However, Undead Labs is working to optimize the final version for PC.

"We'd never release a PC game without a fully mature mouse and keyboard interface," Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain tells Polygon, "unless we were able to do it with something like Early Access, where everybody who's coming in understand why we're doing that and understands that this means that we have a commitment to listening to what you say, and actively altering the course of development while we work toward the end goal, based on what you say."

State of Decay is available now on Steam for $19.99.