Weekend Confirmed 183 - Grand Theft Auto 5

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 20, 2013 11:00am PDT

It's Grand Theft Auto V week at Weekend Confirmed! Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Game Trailers' Marcus Beer to first discuss Diablo 3 and the closure of the auction houses. Then it's a full-length discussion of GTA V, diving into everyone's first impressions of Rockstar's newest opus, the game's similarities to real-world Los Angeles, a breakdown of the game's characters (including the sociopathic Trevor), and the ways in which Rockstar will (both fairly and unfairly) shoulder the controversy burden for years to come. That's followed up with some listener questions before everyone drives off into the weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves and the post-show Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 183: 9/20/2013

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  • I just finished listening to the podcast and it pretty much summed up all my feelings about GTA. I love the open world freedom and stuff you can do but I hate playing the bad guy, no matter what you are always a bad person doing bad things. For this reason Red Dead Redemption is my favorite Rock Star game
    John Marston, one of the greatest game characters of all time, allows you to feel like the good guy but gives you an excuse to do bad things. It is a story of redemption, his current effort to change his life and become a good man is conflicted by his dark past and makes it believable when you say rob a general store, you are just falling back into your own ways.
    If GTA could capture that i think it would be much more compelling for me to play. What if for 6 they did the Departed thing and your 3 protagonists were undercover cop, dirty cop, and the one your investigating. One this could lead to interesting tension in mixed scenes between any two characters, each role gives you a reason to do bad and good things to different degrees (the mobster would be the crazy Trevor, excuse to do anything terrible), would offer an interesting plot and a reason for you always getting out of jail so quickly.
    This is just an idea but the whole bad people doing bad things is just not appealing to me and now with the amount of verisimilitude that GTA is trying to offer, these things just stick out like a sore thumb. It needs a change. In Saints Row where crazy is the goal it works but not if you are trying to simulate real life.

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    • I wanted to write a post exactly like this, but you summed it up better than i could. From listening, I know Jeff Cannata also loves Red Dead, i'd love to hear his take on why a game like Red Dead drew him in and why one like GTA V pretty much left him cold.

      I suppose it is very much tied to what you described...In Red Dead, it is a Redemption story. You are a bad guy who is trying to go the straight and narrow to basically save his family. Admittedly, when i played Red Dead i did not come from a background of having played GTA games. So I did not see it as a GTA set in the old west. I played the character as a good guy, and the times i did stray and shoot a civilian i felt bad. It was not in John Marson's character to play that way, so i didn't. He was not a mass-murderer. There were enough bandits and bad guys to take out that made me still feel like the good guy. If i passed a wagon that was being held up, i would help the settlers.

      Part of how you experience an immersible game is what you bring to it. As an adult gamer, I have the life experience to know right from wrong, know the effect of my actions, etc. I have also played some very bad games so I can appreciate the ones that respect my time invested as a gamer. Had i played this game as a kid, maybe the ending would not seem so tragic. That's what kind of scares me about GTA V and those who say it is supposed to start a dialogue about violence in our culture. Do you really think the middle school kids who play this will know that the developers are being "ironic" about all the psychopathic violent acts that they commit?

      Regardless, Red Dead stands as the most meaningful game i have played on my PS3 (and i am not even a fan of westerns). I hope Rockstar revisits the Red Dead universe in this upcoming console generation.