SimCity: Cities of the Future expansion announced

Like many my age, I want to play at living in a dystopian cityscape of towering arcologies as respite from my life in a dystopian cityscape of moderate towerblocks. SimCity finally has my attention with its Cities of the Future expansion, which turns your cities into, well, you know.

Cities of the Future goes 50-75 years into the future, with maglev trains, emergency service drones, a megacorp, modular megatowers, skybridges, wave power generators, and neon lights.

Megatowers are an interesting addition, able to contain up to 8 modules split between residential, commercial, industrial and whatnot as you please, and giving bonuses to buildings around them. Players can choose whether they're gleaming utopian spires or grim dystopian tombstones too.

The megacorp is also more than a simple new type of industry. OmegaCorp processes oil and ore into Omega, a mysterious substance which insidiously takes over your sims and city, so you'll need to keep up demand if you don't want everything to come crashing down.

SimCity: Cities of the Future is due on November 12. EA hasn't announced a price yet, and frustratingly all we know is from this exclusive IGN video preview:

BOOM video 16115