Evil Dead director in talks for Dante's Inferno film

The Evil Dead remake and Panic Attack director Fede Alvarez is in reportedly in talks to direct a film based on EA's Dante's Inferno adaptation. Eric Newman and Marc Abraham, who are also producing the Need for Speed film, are slated to produce the action movie for Universal. EA's own Patrick O'Brien will also produce.

Deadline (via Eurogamer) reported on Alvarez taking on directorial duties. Universal gained the rights in 2008, but wheels sometimes turn slowly in Hollywood.

The movie will be based on the game, in which Dante Aligheri goes to hell to retrieve his love, Beatrice. Basing it on the game, rather than the original epic poem, signals that Universal wants this to be a more action-heavy version of the tale. It's almost as if they think a knight doing battle against Lucifer is a more likely hit than a dour allegory about the search for spiritual fulfillment.