Transport Tycoon arriving on iOS and Android in October

Transport Tycoon creator Chris Sawyer has been overseeing a faithful mobile revamp of his classic transport network management sim and begob, I think I see it coming around the corner just now. It'll arrive on iOS and Android on October 3, his company 31X announced today.

"It's been quite a challenge ... to re-write the game from scratch and adapt it to the smaller touch-screen interface but the result is probably one of the most extensive and intricate games currently available for mobile platforms ..." Sawyer said in today's announcement. "I hope the game's size and depth of gameplay will keep players entertained and engrossed for months, if not years."

If you can't wait until October, the expanded open-source Transport Tycoon clone OpenTTD is already out on Android and iOS, though not as polished as this fancy made-for-mobile affair.

The new mobile version is developed by Origin8. Have a gander in this new trailer: