Final Fantasy Agito 'will definitely be localized'

Final Fantasy Agito, a free-to-play iOS and Android RPG announced last week, will "definitely be localized" according to game director Hajime Tabata. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be released in North America, but it gives some hope to western players.

Tabata told US Gamer the plans for localization, but Square Enix representatives cautioned that this wasn't an announcement of an official release. It may simply be translated and stay in Japan. Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP was similarly translated almost entirely to English, but was never released. As the report notes, though, the mobile market in North America is much stronger than the PSP market was in 2011, so Agito has better odds of being worth Square Enix's while.

Tabita also remarked that he sees Type-0 and Agito as companion pieces, and he hopes to release Type-0 on the PlayStation Network. The translation is close to finished, and he says enthusiasm from fans has made it more viable than it was when it was initially released in Japan.

We don't know much about Agito, outside a teaser-trailer that shows off bits of the battle system in progress. Check it out below.