A giant dragon reborn in Guild Wars 2's 'Tequatl Rising' update

You probably think you've seen the last of Tequatl the Sunless, haven't you? Guild Wars 2 players may recall first encountering the undead Level 65 dragon in the depths of the Maguuma Jungle. But hey, he's all taken care of now, right? Wrong! You are WRONG! Tequatl came back today, badder than ever, in the latest Guild Wars 2 update, Tequatl Rising.

Tequatl has reappeared along the Splintered Coast with new attacks. If you can survive the zombie dragon a second time, there's a rare cosmetic reward in it for you, called the Wings of the Sunless. It'll bring out the dragon in you!

Of course, hunting dragons is going to require a formidable unit, so ArenaNet is starting to roll out the new "Looking for Group" tool to build parties. It'll only be available to a few at first, coming to the rest of the community over the coming weeks.

Hit the release notes for more on everything it brings, and check this trailer: